URBAN21 - Youth Forum
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Natalia Rosalion, Emly de Andrade Costa, Zeynep Aydemir, Martin G. Viehöver, Metin Elgün, Carolyn Rohaly, Chun Sup Park
Patricia E. Roset, Gabor Heves, Thomas Tchetmi, Bilge Turcan, Shakil Ghory (from left to right)

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Youth Forum:

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Official Organisers:
Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations

The Secretariat of Youth for Habitat International Network

Youth Initiative EXPO 2000

Represented by Mr. Martin G. Viehöver (Email)
Represented by Ms. Zeynep Aydemir (Email)
Represented by Ms. Cornelia Poczka (Email)
last update: 21.10.2000