URBAN21 - Youth Forum Panel
5th July
Agreed panelists:
Mr. Sheku Syl Kamara, Student, Peace Child International, Sierra Leone, 28
Mr. ThomasTchetmi, Journalist, President of Association Presse Jeune, Cameroon, Age: 24
South America: Ms. Emly de Andrade Costa, CEARAH Periferia, Ecuador, Age: 26
North America: Ms. Carolyn Rohaly, Sustainable Calgary, Canada, Age: 27
Mr. Chun Sup Park, administrative officer of UNEP Korean Committee, South Korea, Age: 26
Mr. Shakil Ghori, Raasta Development Consultants, Pakistan, Age: 29
Ms. Natalia Rosalion, Department of Infrastructure, Project Officer, Australia, Age: 25
Eastern Europe: Mr. Gábor Heves, Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe, Hungary, Age: 27
Western Europe: Ms. Patricia Elisa Roset, Netherlands, Age: 27
Mr. Martin Viehöver, Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations, Student, Age: 25
Isn't this remarkable: almost as many young woman like man and this without a quota!
Official Organisers:
Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations

The Secretariat of Youth for Habitat International Network

Youth Initiative EXPO 2000

Represented by Mr. Martin G. Viehöver (viehoever (at) yois-europe.org) Represented by Ms. Zeynep Aydemir (youthforhab (at) turk.net) Represented by Ms. Cornelia Poczka (poczka.expo2000 (at) berlin-partner.de)

last update: 01.02.2001