URBAN21 - Youth Pre-Meeting
2nd-3rd of July
July 1st. arrival day, new location!: Hotel Columbus
Hotel Columbus
Gensler str.18
U- and S-Station "Alexanderplatz" -> Tram (Straßenbahn) 6 eastern direction, station "Genseler Str.", you stand in front of the "Allee Center" and walk right into the Genseler Str. and walk to the very end till you see an unpretty building with big lettes "Hotel" 
also see http://www.stadtplandienst.de


Charlottenstr. 65
10117 Berlin
U-Station "Stadtmitte" (sm pic, lg pic, overview)
also see http://www.stadtplandienst.de

2 July 2000 

10:00 Opening ceremony and introduction of the flow of work

11:00 Presentation of the co-organizers of the Youth Forum

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Discusion: “How do we define sustainable (urban) development and how could this vision be realized?” (Outcome)

17:00 Evaluation of the day

18:00 Closing of the day

3 July 2000 

10:00 Discussion on the outcomes of the previous day

10:15 Evaluation of the world report and definition of the priorities of youth

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Continued discussion of the World Report

16:15 Presentation: On the way to Istanbul+5

16:30 Brainstorming on the name for the planned competition of the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning

16:45 Closing ceremony

Participants of the Pre-Meeting:
Aydemir, Zeynep, Youth for Habitat International Network, Int. Affairs, Turkey, Age: 20
Chiriac, Cristina, AIESEC, Moldava, Age: 19
Crisciunas, Leonidas, AIESEC, Moldova, 23
de Andrade Costa, Emly, CEARAH Periferia, Ecuador, Age: 26
Duminica, Veronica, AIESEC, Moldava, Age: 19
Elgün, Metin, Youthinitiative EXPO2000, Turkey, Age: 24
Ghori, Shakil, Youth Resource and Information Center, Pakistan, Age: 29
Heves, Gabor, Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe, Age: 27
Moje, Carolin, Youthinitiative EXPO2000, Germany, Age: 19
Park, Chunsup, UNEP Korean Committee, administrative officer, South Korea, Age: 26
Poczka, Cornelia, Youthinitiative EXPO2000, Germany, Age: "older" :-)
Rohaly, Carolyn, Sustainable Calgary, Canada, Age: 27
Rosalion, Natalia, Department of Infrastructure, Victoria, Australia, Age: 25
Roset, Patricia Elisa, Canadian Urban Institute, Canada, Age: 27
Tchetmi, Thomas, Association Presse Jeune, President, Cameroon, Age: 24
Teumi, Jeuch, S.G. African Council on youth an Population (ACYP), Cameroon, Age: 29
Turcan, Bilge, Youth for Habitat International Network, Turkey, Age: 23
Viehöver, Martin, Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations, Germany, Age: 25

Official Organisers:

Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations

The Secretariat of Youth for Habitat International Network

Youth Initiative EXPO 2000

Represented by Mr. Martin G. Viehöver (viehoever (at) yois-europe.org)

Represented by Ms. Zeynep Aydemir (youthforhab (at) turk.net)

Represented by Ms. Cornelia Poczka (poczka.expo2000 (at) berlin-partner.de)

last update: 04.07.2000